Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance can be complicated with all its terminology and variations, not to mention the other types of life insurance available and their pros and cons to evaluate. There are life insurance policies for adults and children; there is coverage for short periods of time or an entire lifetime; and there is even life insurance that comes with an interest-earning cash savings account. However, in the tough financial times that many people are going through today, there is another variation that is gaining popularity: mortgage life insurance.

What Is Mortgage Life Insurance?

In simplest terms, mortgage life insurance guarantees that if you pass away while covered, your home will be paid off. A home is likely the single largest purchase most families will ever make. Mortgage life insurance can ensure that your loved ones are financially cared for after your death. Not only will they be able to keep their home, but they will also have the peace of mind that comes with a fully paid mortgage and some sense of security.

How It Works

Mortgage life insurance works to ensure that if a policyholder passes away, a sum of money sufficient to pay off their mortgage will be paid out by the insurance company.

Some of the stipulations of mortgage life insurance include the fact that the coverage amount has to equal the outstanding mortgage debt, and the date of termination on the policy has to match the date of final payment on the mortgage. The insurer is responsible for calculating the rates at which the coverage must decrease to match the value of the outstanding debt.

Life Insurance vs. Mortgage Protection Insurance

Many people make the common mistake of confusing the terms mortgage life insurance and mortgage protection insurance. However, the two are actually very different.

Mortgage protection insurance is not a form of life insurance, and lenders only require home buyers to purchase it before obtaining a loan if they do not offer a down payment of 20%. The purpose of mortgage protection insurance is to protect the lender, but the purpose of mortgage life insurance is to protect you and your family, so it is important to note the clear distinction between the two types.

Obtaining A Mortgage Life Insurance Policy

Most home buyers, during the process of filling out the loan paperwork for the mortgage, will be offered the chance to purchase mortgage life insurance at that time. Home buyers can of course refuse the insurance at that time.

However, there will be a number of waivers to sign in order to verify the denial of coverage at that time. This is to show an understanding of the risks involved in taking out a mortgage, including passing away before it is paid. Mortgage life insurance can also be purchased privately by homeowners.


Every type of life insurance comes with a list of pros and cons, and mortgage protection is no exception. One of its most notable advantages is the peace of mind it provides you and your family. With the knowledge that the mortgage will be paid for after your death, a weight is lifted that can allow you to better enjoy life. Your dependents will have a home and a valuable asset that can be sold if needed.

Another distinct advantage is the minimal underwriting involved in the application process. In most cases, mortgage life insurance applicants can obtain the coverage without undergoing a medical examination.


Unfortunately, there are just as many disadvantages to mortgage life insurance. For example, a policy decreases in benefits. The premium payments stay at a fixed rate, but the benefits are decreased as needed to match the mortgage demands. This means you can not rely on this type of coverage for complete financial security.

Secondly, unlike other traditional policies, a mortgage insurance benefit does not provide any financial help to the beneficiaries at all, other than paying off the mortgage. A second type of policy would be needed for income replacement.

Who Should Consider Mortgage Life Insurance?

As with most types, a mortgage policy could benefit some people more than others. Some of the deciding factors include the amount of the outstanding loan, the value of your home and assets, and the current state of your health.

Since the medical underwriting is minimal, mortgage life is ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their home gets paid off upon their death, but is unable to get any other kinds of life insurance coverage due to age or pre-existing medical conditions. If you are young and healthy, a traditional term life insurance policy is recommended.

Compare Quotes Online

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