How To Get Instant Life Insurance Quotes

For those who are wondering how much life insurance protection would cost, it is easy and instant to get free, instant life insurance quotes from MyLifeInsuranceQuotes101. Everyone should have life insurance and with affordable policies, there is no reason why loved ones should not enjoy the financial security that life insurance offers.

An instant life insurance quote can show consumers just how cheap and affordable life insurance can be, and allow them to compare types of policies and insurance companies to find the best life insurance.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Ideally everyone should have life insurance, but it is especially important for wage earners with financial dependents or those who have obligations like credit card bills, student loans, mortgages and other large debts. Even those with few debts should consider the cost of funeral expenses, which can be as much as $10,000.

If there is no life insurance death benefit to pay these costs, family members will have to bear both the grief and the financial burden of losing a love one. Considering how cheap life insurance can be, a free life insurance quote may be the best way to show new applicants that they truly can afford a policy.

Life Insurance For Single Adults With No Dependents

Depending on their financial circumstances, single adults may choose a permanent life insurance policy with a cash value or cheap term life insurance. The death benefit should be enough to cover any outstanding debts, final expenses like medical or utility bills and funeral costs. Whole or universal life insurance policies may be used in financial planning for retirement or to meet other goals. As a general guideline, single adults need low limit life policies of between $10,000 and $50,000.

Family Life Insurance

It is important for wage earners with financial dependents to obtain an instant, free life insurance quote as soon as possible, because life insurance rates are cheaper when applicants are younger and healthier. Parents and adults may ask themselves “how much life insurance do I need?” The recommended benefit for wage earners with dependents is between 5 and 10 times the annual salary depending on outstanding debts, mortgage payments, business or personal loans, living expenses and the number of dependents.

Without this protection, families may be left destitute after an unexpected death. Instant life insurance quotes can help individuals determine how much life insurance they can comfortably afford, and allow them to research life insurance rates from the best insurance companies in the U.S.

Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors

Most retired people have reduced their debt and simplified their lifestyle in preparation for retirement. Often, senior citizens have no financial dependents who would suffer a financial loss through their death. It is possible, however, that seniors might leave expenses like hospital or medical bills and funeral expenses, which are not completely covered by health insurance. Their family will also want to arrange a nice funeral service which can be quite costly. Final expense life insurance with limits of up to $50,000 is often available without a medical exam.

Even though senior citizens may be living on fixed incomes, life insurance rates can still be affordable and cheap. A free life insurance quote comparing carriers, policies, and rates can instantly show seniors how much life insurance they can purchase and still live within their budget. MyLifeInsuranceQuotes101 makes it easy and convenient to get instant rate quotes online and find cheap life insurance.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes

By requesting life insurance quotes from different insurance carriers, consumers can find the lowest prices for the life insurance policies they need. It only takes a minute to fill out a short form with information about age, gender, height, weight and basic health questions. The applicant’s information is submitted to the life insurance company and the online quote is available instantly, for free. An instant life insurance quote makes finding cheap and affordable life insurance rates for the greatest amount of coverage simple.

While in most cases it is not possible to complete the life insurance application process online because a medical exam is required, life insurance quotes can provide an accurate estimate of the rates an applicant can expect life insurance to cost. Online life insurance quotes are estimates and actual rates may be slightly higher or lower depending on the information in the application and the outcome of the medical exam.

Nonetheless, free, instant life insurance quotes can help potential applicants compare rates, coverage, and life insurance companies to find the best policy for their family’s needs. Enter your zip code to begin a life insurance quote now and save money when you buy an affordable policy in the future.