Free Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance is something that financially responsible adults, parents, and senior citizens need to provide for their families to cover mortgage payments, living expenses, medical bills, education costs, or final expenses in the event of their death. Finding the best, most affordable life insurance rates is essential when buying a policy, especially considering that most types are a long term investment.

MyLifeInsuranceQuotes101 offers free life insurance quotes instantly to help consumers determine how much protection they need, compare cheap rates and find the best coverage, policies and life insurance companies. Enter your zip code to begin a free quote and save money when you purchase life insurance in the future.

Getting Life Insurance Quotes

To request free life insurance quotes, consumers must complete a brief questionnaire which asks for basic information about their age, height, weight, gender, medical history, and lifestyle, including tobacco and alcohol use. The application information is submitted to multiple top life insurance companies and online quotes are available instantly, offering the premiums associated with each type of policy.

Compare Different Types of Life Insurance

Free life insurance quotes are available for all types, such as term, whole and universal. Within the major insurance categories, there are different types of policies, including level term life, convertible term life, renewable term life and return of premium term life insurance.

Consumers can compare life insurance rates of different types of policies to decide which policy best meets their financial needs. Quotes help simplify choosing the right kind by offering specific information on each policy.

Life Insurance Death Benefits

While it is recommended that wage earners with dependents carry a death benefit between 5 and 10 times their annual salary, depending on your mortgage payments, debts and loans, credit card and living expenses, and tuition. Not all families can afford to carry all the protection they may need.

By comparing free life insurance quotes, families can determine the maximum amount they can afford. Consumers can simply request online quotes for different policy amounts to see how much rates for various death benefit limits will cost. Answering the question “how much life insurance do I need?” is ultimately one of the more difficult decisions to make when choosing the best protection.

Best Life Insurance Companies

When comparing life insurance companies, price is not the only consideration. Life insurance is usually a long term investment, so it is important to make sure the company is well established and financially sound with great customer service.

AM Best and JD Power provide rankings for major insurance companies based on financial stability and customer service. Individuals can also check consumer reviews, financial publications and government insurance departments after getting life insurance quotes to see which insurance companies with low rates are worth learning more about.

Life Insurance Quotes

From “mortgage life insurance”, which is specifically tailored to provide coverage for your mortgage payments, to “no medical exam life insurance” that allows applicants to buy a policy without a physical, to “return of premium life insurance”, which pays back all the premiums at the policies expiration, policies can be customized to you. Educated consumers will make an informed decision when purchasing protection for themselves and their families.