Discount Life Insurance Rates

All consumers want the best life insurance rates, and term life policies are the cheapest. While cheap life insurance is important, it is also vital that the life insurance purchased provides value – a combination of addressing your family’s financial needs while offering a low discount life insurance rate.

Some discount life insurance is only available with limited death benefits, which may not be enough to cover the needs of every individual, adult, or parent, while other companies offer discounts based on payment options, methods, or age. Discount life insurance is available, but consumers must compare rates, policies and carriers to find the best, cheap life insurance policy for their needs.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Because the population of the United States is living longer than ever before, no medical exam life insurance that targets senior citizens has become a popular policy. Many insurance companies offer no medical life insurance a discount rate, but generally, the maximum death benefit is $50,000 and may not be enough coverage for a family. No medical exam insurance is usually considered final expense life insurance and is best for singles, seniors and those with medical problems who cannot get other coverage because of the required physical exam.

Discount Life Insurance Policies

Most policies with a discount life insurance rate are level term. Level term policies offer a fixed premium over the term of the policy and a fixed death benefit. For some consumers, cheap policies with renewal options or adjustable death benefits may be a better investment. Some term life policies, like return of premium life insurance, even return the premiums at the end of the term in a single lump sum, making the insurance free.

Discount Life Insurance Companies

After comparing life insurance rates and before purchasing a policy, it is important for consumers to evaluate ratings and review of the provider, determining if the insurance company is financially stable and will remain in business over the long term. Policies may have terms of over 30 years and are a long term commitment.

AM Best and JD Powers offer insurance company rankings based on financial stability and customer service. Consumers may also check with their state insurance department or local BBB when researching to find the best life insurance companies. Though reviewing these ratings and rankings won’t get you discount life insurance on their own, buying from a top ranked insurance company offering cheap rates will get you a great value.

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Rates

The best way to get a discount life insurance rate is to buy a policy as young as possible, while the applicant is still healthy. Term life rates are based on the age of the insured person over the term of the policy and younger individuals get cheap rates.

Some companies offer bundling discounts to customers who buy their home, auto and life insurance from the same provider and these discounts can save up to 25% on premiums. Life insurance rates can also be kept low by buying the right amount of insurance since there is no advantage in buying too much coverage.

Typically, financial advisors and insurance agents recommend anywhere from 5 to 10 times your annual pre-tax income, taking into consideration your mortgage payments, business or personal loans, credit card and living expenses, and college tuition for your children.

Finding and purchasing discount life insurance is essential when you may end up needing a large death benefit to fully cover your family’s financial obligations and debts. A discounted rate may allow you to purchase additional coverage for your family, providing a larger death benefit and payout.

Life Insurance Quotes

Discount life insurance may be a great choice for young families with limited incomes. MyLifeInsuranceQuotes101 offers free, instant insurance quotes from multiple companies, allowing consumer to compare all types of life insurance so consumers can find the best, most affordable rates in the country.